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FIGY - a presentation

Situated in Värnamo in the south of Sweden, Finnvedens Gymnasium (FIGY) is a quite big school with its 1300 students aged 16-19 years. We have 15 different programmes, aiming at both vocational and theoretical education.

About the school

During the last years the school has been rebuilt to adjust to a more flexible way of working. We have partly abandoned the traditional classroom for multipurpose-rooms, lecture halls which hold 39 students and group rooms, we are very content with the change, students and staff alike. We have a modern library and are quite well equipped with computers for staff and students.

How to get here

Exchange programmes

For several years we have had project with involves schools in France, Germany and Spain and a Baltic project which involves partner schools in Estonia, Germany and Lithuania.

Our school is participating in Erasmus+. Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe

Our goal at Finnvedens Gymnasium is to offer all students a possibility to participate in an international exchange during their studies here.

bild på en logga med jordglob och två händer som håller den Erasmus utbyte

Our region

Finally some words about our region. This part of Sweden is famous for its many small and medium sized enterprises. It is a region which is strategically well situated, not far from the continent and with a well-developed infrastructure. Tourism is also becoming a more and more important business; tourists from all over Europe are attracted by many small lakes, forests and the excellent opportunities for recreation facilities like golf, fishing, water sports, skiing etc.

Learn more at Värnamo Tourismlänk till annan webbplats

Contact us at gymnasiet@varnamo.se









Erasmus logga blå flagga men stjärnor